Featured Course: Solve Anything! Building Ideas Through Design

Design fans, this one is for you.

Solve Anything, Building Ideas Through Design is a team-based creative lab, and will explore and experiment with two questions: what makes ideas successful? How does one develop an idea in response to a problem, and then nurture it into a product, service, or experience?In this six-week course, we turn to design thinking – here meaning a creative, user-centric but systemic approach to problem solving – to answer these questions.
We’ll cover some basics about new product development and look at case studies of successful and unsuccessful ideas to understand why they ended up with the fate they did. Most importantly, class participants will identify and submit community problems that can be tackled through design. As a group, we will select problems that are most addressable in the context of a six weeks. Then, we’ll learn and practice creative, user-centric, hands-on methods – think brainstorming, ethnographic user research, and prototyping – to quickly generate, validate, and ultimately build solutions to our chosen problems. Along the way, we’ll learn about framing problems for better solutions, managing the creative process, and innovating in teams remotely.

Interested? Of course you are. Check the course out at our new site, and sign up soon!

About jessykate

Jessy is a technologist, hacker, designer of experimental institutions, and community builder.

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