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P2PU is looking for a coordinator and advisors to help new course organizers for P2PU (and also individuals who are interested in running similar courses in other projects). We are planning to develop a “course of all courses” that would help individuals design and run online courses with groups of self-learners.

The “course of all courses” is intended to provide the state of the art on designing and running online social learning courses, offered in form of a 6 week P2PU course. The project coordinator will facilitate a group of experts to provide guidance and feedback on course design. The course will cover key findings from education research, translate them into practical guidelines for designing and structuring a course, and discuss how to best use the available tools and technologies to implement the course. It will discuss peer learning and peer assessment. Participants in “the course of all courses” work on their own project throughout the 6 week course, developing their own courses on a topic of their choice, which can then be hosted at P2UP or elsewhere.

The idea for this “master course” came out of discussions in the P2PU community and demand from potential course organizers, who expressed the desire for a more formal “orientation” process to help with design and organization of courses.

We are currently looking both for a project coordinator and a group of experts who would be willing to act as advisors and provide feedback.

(1) Project Coordinator: Responsibilities include reaching out to experts in the field, preparing a draft outline of the course, getting feedback from these experts and revising the course, and then running the course at least once at p2pu. This role would involve both designing the course and facilitating a group of people who would act as advisors and who could provide guidance and feedback. The coordinator would ideally have some background in online education or pedagogy, but this is not a requirement as much of the expertise could be provided by the advisors. We could help with introductions to some people and would expect the coordinator to have some relationships already. We have some funds that we can use to support the coordinator position.

(2) Expert advisor. Responsibilities include providing guidance and feedback to the coordinator. This role is unfunded and voluntary, but we would not expect it to take a huge amount of time.

Timeframe for this project is roughly 3 months (not full time) and starting as soon as possible.

All interested parties, please mail philipp (at) p2pu (dot) org for more information

About jessykate

Jessy is a technologist, hacker, designer of experimental institutions, and community builder.


  1. Michael Kelly

    I am definitely interested in participating!
    – I am a very experienced instructional designer in the realm of commercial e-learning and instructor led instruction.
    – I have no experience in creating the kinds of courses offered here, and am actively researching the whole “Learning 2.0” scene to broaden my scope.
    – In a prior incarnation, during the 80s, as a Ph.D. student, I taught at two universities. This was prior to having any training in instructional design, and I was unable to engage students who were not as avid to learn and explore as I am. Now I know how to provide meaningful objectives and a workable narrative but in an essentially static environment. I want to learn how to work in this kind of a dynamic environment.
    – I learned that P2PU existed due to an article in the NY Times’ “Education Life” supplement this last Sunday 4-18-10. I came to the site to find out what was going on and to see if it was possible to create a course of my own–something that would provide learning experiences in the areas of my independent research, roughly in the philosophy of science.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Dr.G.V.Ramana

    I am interested and nice to be an associate of you, contributing to the educational sector.
    I have done my Ph.D in comparative literature, authored two books, and presently working as an Associate professor of English in an Engineering college.
    I can contribute in English Language Teaching, translation studies, content writing. Entrepreneur promotion program & soft skills are my areas of interest.
    I can contribute in any of the related topics, or any topics which come near to the main topic.

    P2PU is certainly doing a very good job, which I think should be appreciated by everyone in the education sector.

    Expecting a warm reply.

    with warm regards,

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