P2PU – The Speakeasy of Open Education

A message from Philipp Schmidt, Director and co-founder of P2PU, on why P2PU is the speakeasy of open education, run by gang stars in pinstripe suits and felt hats (not the other kind with funny teeth). Have a quick look at the project, the context, and goals for the next year:

Peer 2 Peer University 2010 from P2P University on Vimeo.

About jessykate

Jessy is a technologist, hacker, designer of experimental institutions, and community builder.


  1. Was very happy to attend “Mashing Up The Open Web” course, it was real fun as i could share my ideas and thoughts and build a better network.
    The hacker attitude what is missing and is not appreciated in many universities, me staying in India and still many universities are mainly focused and oriented towards marks, rather than innovative ideas, students would be reproducing things in the book and indeed its really true what is studied in bachelors degree would be out dated by the time we complete our degrees.
    Let the power of open and free web make a revolution, lets as all join hands to make this happen 🙂

  2. It’s a wonderful idea and realistic model… ^_^

    I thought of similar direction about public education before.
    And it is exciting to watch that someone created what i dream of.

    Support you and wish you the best.

    If i can create Korean version of P2P, it will be wonderful.

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  4. philipp

    @hemanth.hm @Park, Jungmo – thank you for the very kind words. Please get involved and help us build this community, project, and bright new open education future together.

    Join the Lounge at http://www.p2pu.org and start sharing your ideas with the rest of the gang-stars.

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