P2PU Call for Courses

The Peer 2 Peer University is gearing up to launch its third cycle of courses this coming September, and we’re looking for new faces to join the community. Do you have an idea for a six week course? Whether it’s Physics 101 or Poker and Strategic Thinking, all ideas are welcome. You can propose a course at http://wiki.p2pu.org/Create-a-Course (deadline is August 6, 2010).

If you’ve never designed or run a course before, that’s okay, too. P2PU is running a Course Organizers Orientation

( http://wiki.p2pu.org/orientation) for newbies to introduce organizers to the practice of online facilitation and provide support while they build a new course. The orientation will be three weeks long and will enable future course organizers to:

  • Experience open social learning first-hand
  • Distinguish peer-2-peer learning from formal online teaching
  • Navigate the different features of the P2PU site
  • Design a course on a topic of their choice on the P2PU site
  • Learn how to use different synchronous/asynchronous platforms effectively
  • Review and provide feedback for others; revise and refine syllabi for their course

Weekly video conferences will be held to discuss important aspects of community building, course design, finding and creating course content, open educational resources (OER), and troubleshooting. Conferences will be recorded and posted for those unable to attend. The orientation leader will also post office hours to provide additional support.

Building on the feedback from participants and organizers in the last two cycles of courses, the P2PU community realised that many potential course organizers had reservations about some of the technological and pedagogical aspects of running courses online. This orientation aims to address these concerns, as well as help organizers become an active part of the P2PU community.

The P2PU community consists of a diverse group of people. They are writers, teachers, designers, doctoral and alternative grad students, artists, copyright specialists, scientists, and blues guitar players. Above all, they are learners–peers working together to learn from each other.

More information, including how and where to sign up, can be found on the P2PU wiki: http://wiki.p2pu.org/orientation
You can submit course proposals until August 6, 2010.

About jessykate

Jessy is a technologist, hacker, designer of experimental institutions, and community builder.


  1. william velasquez

    Hola me gustaría saber la mecánica de los cursos como funcionan, e ilustrarme también en el curso de pensamiento estratégico.

    Muchas Gracias.

  2. philipp

    Hey William – Have a look at the http://wiki.p2pu.org/orientation – it’s all in English right now (but only because we lack volunteer translators). If you get stuck send us an email to thepeople AT p2pu.org and we’ll try to help.

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