P2PU – so totally trendy!

It’s been a good couple of weeks at P2PU – we’ve had some amazing press coverage, and experienced a huge hike in membership, both at P2PU and the School of Webcraft. So big, in fact, that we had to do some serious rejigging of the server to handle all the new members and email activity!

One of our co-founders, Stian Håklev, likes to play around with data in his spare time and he pulled the latest P2PU web stats for the last 7 days at P2PU. This is what he found:

We had a huge upswing in visits due to a number of articles in mashable, Fayerwayer (Spanish technology site) etc that were widely mirrored. This led to more than 6000 new members in the Webcraft mailing list…

The top ten countries bringing visitors in the last ten days were US, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, UK, India, Canada, Peru. So huge interest from Latin America…

The spike on December 20th was the largest in the recorded history of P2PU (stats go back to February 15, 2010), at 5000 unique visitors/day, almost twice the previous spike on November 26, at 3300 visitors.

For the entire period, Google Analytics claims we have had 100,000 unique visitors. 67% of whom use Firefox or Chrome 🙂 The top ten countries for the last year are: US, Spain, Brazil, India, UK, Canada, China, Australia, Chile, South Africa, and the cities with most visitors were New York, Madrid, Sao Paulo, London and Barcelona.

In terms of Google search terms, the top 23 search terms are all related to P2PU or Webcraft (ie people knew they were looking for us), the 24th is “pensamento de paolo freire” (the Portuguese-language course on Paolo Freire is hit number 3 on Google – nice way of attracting people interested in alternative pedagogy!). The second and third non-P2PU related search queries were people related to P2PU… Then comes “diy math”, “hacking”, “introduction to finance” and “mashing up the open web”. Looking at the rest of the 100 top hits though, a lot of them are people’s names…

Apart from the administrative pages (login, about etc), the pages that got the most hits were: Open journalism & the open web, Digital journalism, Copyright for educators cycle 2, Webcraft/HTML5 and Webcraft/Programming visual media.

We’re really proud of these numbers, and think they’re a great way of refelecting the fantastic growth in our community in the last little while.
And of course, we think Stian is a P2PU-Superhero for putting these stats together for us too…

Image: Web Trend Map CC BY-SA by ottonassar on Flickr

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Jessy is a technologist, hacker, designer of experimental institutions, and community builder.

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