P2PU Site Migration Update – things are moving fast!

As most of you are probably aware, P2PU will be migrating to our new website in June 2011. The new site is currently in beta, but we would love your first reactions and feedback. It has a brand new look and feel, is way more flexible for people who are looking to run courses or study groups and people who want to learn with their peers.

Head over to http://new.p2pu.org and log in with your existing P2PU username and password to have a quick look.

In the meantime, we thought we should give you some important info about the migration

  • No content will be lost. The old site will be visible at http://old.p2pu.org even after the migration, and you will be able to import the content of old courses into the new site http://new.p2pu.org/en/groups/import. This is a brilliant tool, built by our wonderful team of developers.
  • Your account still works. Simply use your existing username and  password to log into the new site (http://new.p2pu.org/en/login/). In case you have lost your password,  you need to request a new password on the new site (http://new.p2pu.org/en/forgot/).
  • The old site is still fully functional. So ongoing courses will not be  disrupted. But we have disabled the creation of new courses or user  accounts. We are keeping the lights on, but the party is moving.
  • Ready to start exploring our new home? Join the Helpdesk to get started! http://new.p2pu.org/en/groups/p2pu-help-desk/
  • Any questions, feedback, comments? Please post them into the P2PU Q&A forum at http://qa.p2pu.org or send email to admin [at] p2pu [dot]org

You can also find further updates here on the blog, or via twitter: @p2pu

About jessykate

Jessy is a technologist, hacker, designer of experimental institutions, and community builder.


  1. davidm

    Given many of us are techies interested in peer to peer and open tech, a bit of detail on what the platform is would be appreciated. Hopefully it is a widely used platform that has some kind of API to build with!

    • rebeccakahn

      Hi David

      Absolutely – we love it when people who have skills and the inclination to help out want to get involved. Take a look at our Contributing to Lernanta group on the beta site
      submit a bug on the tracker or contribute to the code at Github, just pop over to the site and follow the links on the Get Involved page: http://new.p2pu.org/en/pages/get-involved/

  2. davidm

    Thanks! I don’t think I want to contribute anything in low-level code (I don’t know a thing about Lernata and don’t see any orientation docs, though I love the idea random people would be able to just jump in), I’m just curious how it fits into the ‘web.’

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