We’re Hiring!

That’s right, good people. We’re currently hiring for two positions: UX Designer and Web Challenge Designer. See below for more details on each post, and if you think you’re the one to do either of them, send your  resume and cover letter to jobs [at]p2pu[dot]org

UX Designer

Do you obsess over user experience? Do you strive to make technology that actually matters? P2PU is seeking a UX Designer to help us reinvent education.
We are looking for an experienced UX / Interaction Designer with a passion for learning for short term contract work.
Specific responsibilities will include:
  • Complete a full review of the P2PU User Experience
  • Share recommendations for UX improvements
  • Implement UX improvements that return the most value
  • Conduct user research (field research and usability tests)
  • Model user behaviors (scenarios and personas)
  • Develop UIs (wireframes, prototypes, etc.)
  • Contribute to visual design development and critique (mockups)
  • Advocate for ease-of-use
Ideally, you also have:
  • Significant real world experience in making design decisions
  • A clear visual design sense and point-of-view.
  • Technical ability, enough to read and modify code when needed.
  • Desire to change the world.
To Apply
Send your resume and cover letter to jobs[at]p2pu[dot]org

Web Challenge Designer

Do you believe everyone should know how the web works? Do you want to show hungry minds the way to enlightenment? P2PU is seeking a Web Challenge Designer to create interesting activities for learning web development skills.
We are looking for a creatively minded web developer with a passion for teaching web skills to create interesting challenges that teach web skills. The position has potential to grow into a leadership role for School of Webcraft.
Specific responsibilities will include:
  • Review existing learning materials for web developers
  • Create a set of attainable goals for new web developers creating a first web portfolio
  • Put a creative spin on the challenges to make them fun and interesting
  • Create challenges that encourage social learning
  • Relate the challenges back to fundamental web skills
  • Work closely with the Badges Lead to tie in a way to reward achievements
  • Refine and test the challenges with users, iterate
Ideally, you also have:
  • A strong technical background in web development beyond fundamental skills
  • Respect in the developer community
  • Interest and experience with training
  • A creative and fun take on learning web development
To Apply
Send your resume and cover letter to jobs[at]p2pu[dot]org

About jessykate

Jessy is a technologist, hacker, designer of experimental institutions, and community builder.

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