Featured Courses – 9 December 2011

Holidays are drawing near! And as an antidote to all the cheer (and maybe just to keep your brain going while the rest of the world seems to be losing theirs) we’re serving up a steaming platter of peer learning goodness, just for y’all:

Writing HTML By Hand
When you write code (instead of having software to do it for you) it is referred to as “coding by hand”. In this challenge we’re going to take that phrase literally. To complete this challenge you’ve got to complete three tasks. It should take you about half an hour of your time. You’ll need a sketchbook or paper, a pen of some description and some means of taking a digital photograph.

How to Teach Webcraft and Programming to Free-Range Students
Right now, people all over the world are learning how to write programs and create web sites, but for every one who is doing it in a classroom there are a dozen free-range learners. This group will explore how we, as mentors, can best help them. Topics will include: What does research tell us about how people learn? Why are the demographics of programming so unbalanced? What best practices in instructional design are relevant to free-range learners? What skills do people need in order to bake their own web? How are grassroots groups trying to teach these things now? What’s working and what is not?

We will investigate the concept of ‘The Networked Teacher’ and find out more about ‘Networked Literacy’ in education.  The course is based on ‘Social Networking’ and ‘Open Education’.  The participants will receive ‘Badges’ as recognition for their achievements.  Find out more on http://edutoolkit.wordpress.com

Dignity in the Workplace
A collaborative approach to develop a ‘harassment and bullying in the workplace training programme’ that can be used freely. Corporations are charging too much for such learning material which, in effect, should be available for nothing.
If you’re interested in these, or any other P2PU courses, just head over to p2pu.org and jump right in!

About jessykate

Jessy is a technologist, hacker, designer of experimental institutions, and community builder.

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