Help Develop This: A read-only API for P2PU

Join community member Jose Flores in this volunteer effort to build a read-only API for P2PU.

Description: This project entails the creation of an Application Programming Interface (API) that will expose some of the information available in the P2PU platform to third party consumers. A web API can be described as a series of calls that a programmer can make from their own programs to fetch data from platforms such as Lernanta (the software on top of which P2PU runs) without having to access it through the main website. Some use cases have been discussed such as mobile phone apps or widgets that can be embedded in other websites in a ‘mash up’ style to show a list of courses, tasks and so on.

Skills required: A good understanding on how a Django application is laid out and a bit of research on tools to write APIs on top of Django. (I chose tastypie through recommendation from my local Python group).

Time commitment: A few weeks of spare time.

Goal: To have something up and running, at least in the alpha site, in the next couple of weeks. This would be the first step towards a full-blown API that allows not only reading but also writing. With a read-only API users could receive notifications of new comments or new courses in their phone, but to be able to reply to those messages or even create courses from a third party application we will need to develop a ‘read and write’ API.

Get started:

About jessykate

Jessy is a technologist, hacker, designer of experimental institutions, and community builder.


  1. I’m down to help with this. I have experience developing apis in PHP and Ruby. Python shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Ricardo Soares

    I want to help too. I’m experienced with Python and Django, but tastypie is totally new to me. However, I do not have “a few weeks of spare time” but I’ll manage to find a few hours a week to work on this.

  3. Jos

    Hey guys, feel free to get in contact with any of us for more info. You can ping me through github or p2pu; nickname: josmas

    Thanks for offering your help!

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