P2PU is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation. We are run by a small staff, a much larger group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, and are governed by a board of directors.

Support and Funding
P2PU is made possible by a global network of exceptional people and organizations. It has allowed us to open the web up to the most effective kind of learning – peer to peer learning.

Our gratitude goes to:

The Hewlett Foundation
The Shuttleworth Foundation
University of California Irvine
Creative Commons
Aspiriation Tech
Open University Catalunya, for hosting our Barcelona workshop
Palomar 5, for hosting our Berlin workshop
the Loft Boys’ Club House for hosting our NYC camp
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching for hosting assessment workshop
MacArthur Foundation for supporting badge development
iCommons for conference attendance funding
OSUOSL for service
Twilio for service
Sendgrid for service
Stackoverflow & Hirelite for service

P2PU is also lucky and proud to have had a group of wise and wonderful advisors who have given their time to act as a sounding board, and help us navigate any thorny, difficult (and interesting) issues. They bring a diverse mix of backgrounds and expertise, and we appreciate that they have offered to help us make the P2PU real. All Advisers act in their personal capacity. The Advisers carry no responsibility for the content of this site or the activities of the P2PU.


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