Get Involved

P2PU is an open community built around volunteers and community members. Strategic and long term goals are set, design and feature decisions are made, philosophical discussions are undertaken, experiments are schemed, the future is changed via this community!

Nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills…

Curious what it means to be involved? What you might end up contributing to?

We’re always recruiting people who want to help out with pedagogical reflection and feedback, User Interface/User Experience design, development of our open source platform Lernanta, creating courses, experimenting with new ways to run courses, reaching out to groups who haven’t used P2PU before, translation into new languages, creating content in new areas, giving us feedback on new badges or the current platform, organizing local meetups, giving a talk about P2PU at an event, or pretty much anything else you can imagine. See below for how to get in touch.

Community List

The primary way that this takes place is on the p2pu-community mailing list. This list is open to everyone, and it’s how you can get yourself roped in and get involved. The community list is relatively high traffic, because we literally do make most decisions about P2PU works via this list.  Feel free to browse the list archives if you want to see what our discussions are like.
If you’d like to get involved, the first step is to subscribe to the list and say Hello. What piqued your interest about P2PU or open learning? Are there particular aspects of peer learning that interest you? Formative learning experience(s)? Projects you’d like to learn more about or help out with?
We look forward to chatting with you!

Community Calls

P2PU also has weekly community calls. These last about an hour and are comprised of regular updates about P2PU operations, development, and projects, as well as agenda items which change week-to-week, reflecting opportunities or particularly rich discussion topics from the mailing list. Sometimes we invite collaborators attend the call to share their progress; other times we’ll discuss a new project or how we as a team plan to approach a new challenge or opportunity. We always encourage course organizers to attend and tell us about their experiences (good and bad) to help us learn and continue to improve what we do.

 The weekly calls are announced on the mailing list, including call-in details and a link to that week’s agenda. Most people join via Skype. P2PU’s community calls involve a unique combination of voice discussion supported by collaborative note-taking and etherpad chat. You have to experience it to really appreciate it. We think it works quite well!

Start a Project

The community list is also a place where you can share your own learning projects. Our community is full of people working on awesome projects pushing the boundaries of peer and open learning. Many of these projects live in a broader ecosystem beyond our specific  learning platform. If you have an active learning project, tell us about it! What questions are you exploring, what crazy experiments are you trying, what observations have you made?
In some cases, P2PU projects evolve into P2PU labs projects. Read more about those projects on the Labs page.

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